Ted Bundy Psychology

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Theodore Robert Cowell or as many people would refer to him as Ted Bundy, was a notorious serial killer and rapist who was born on November 24th 1946 and was executed by an electric chair on January 24th 1989. Ted 's ' mother Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to him in Burlington, Vermont. When Ted was born, Eleanor left Ted for three months and returned to Philadelphia. Later, Teds ' grandparents pretended to adopt Ted and said that Eleanor was his sister. Many people believed that Bundy was a child from incest and that his grandfather Sam Cowell was his biological father. Ted changed his last name to Bundy when his mother Eleanor married Johnnie Bundy in 1951. (clarkprosecutor.org)

Many of his childhood friends remember that Ted was an
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In 1951, Eleanor had brought Ted with her to visit his great-uncle Jack Cowell who was a music professor, Eleanor was Ann Marie’s piano teacher. Author Rebecca Morris wrote “Ann liked to follow him around when he got ready to deliver newspapers in the afternoon”. According to a family friend Bundy and Ann were really close friends. Rebecca Morris also wrote “the best suspects in 1961 was a high school neighbourhood boy who lived two houses away from Ann, police questioned him a couple of times, but there was not enough evidence”. Fourteen years later Ann’s mother and the police became suspicious of Bundy. In 1986, Ann’s mother wrote a letter to Bundy asking him to come clean “You have NOTHING MORE TO LOSE IN THIS WORLD. By explaining your sickness.” Ted would always deny it, writing “I do not know what happened to your daughter and I had nothing to do with her disappearance.” He has confessed about a crime of kidnapping a young, he took the girl out of the house and sexually assaulted her in the orchard next door and left her in a deep ditch. Ann and her family lived next to a orchard and many people believe that the story of the kidnapping was Ann. It has been over 54 years and still no one knows what happened to eight-year-old Ann Marie Burr, hours before the passing of Mrs Burr she said “there were times I thought Ted had abducted Ann, and there were times I …show more content…
During Leach’s trial, he read old law books that allowed a “declaration” in court to legally get married. He proposed to a former co-worker Carole Ann Boone, in the courtroom while questioning her on the stand. Carole stayed married to Bundy, because she believed that he was innocent. (absolutecrime.com) Boone gave birth to a daughter in October 1982, which was unusual because they were not aloud to have sexual interaction and Bundy was never aloud to see anyone when he was alone. (absolutecrime.com)

All of Bundy’s victims had been young, attractive, with dark hair worn at shoulder length or longer, his victims all resembled ex-fiancee Stephanie Brooks. Bundy would first attack his victims, then rape them and then he would murder them. He preyed on young women on college campuses first in Washington, then in Utah, Colorado and then Florida. He often wore him arm in a sling or a fake cast and asked his victims to help him carry stuff and when they agreed he would use a crowbar to hit them in the head. He would then handcuff them, he was also known to impersonate authority figures.

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