Summary And Synthesis Of A Nurse Education Curriculum Essay

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Summary and Synthesis Learners verbalized an appreciation for the CALS app. Learners stated it was easy to navigate and provided great reinforcement to what was taught during the lecture. One nurse stated that she tends to need to go back and reread information in order to fully comprehend it. The app provided her the opportunity to review the lecture information, as well as a CALS simulation, at her own convenience and pace. The discussion was also well received, as nurses were able to work with one another to care for this patient, rather than feeling pressured to know all of the answers themselves. Unfortunately, with the newest Apple update, it crashed the CALS app and two of the participants’ app froze, while the third participant had to take her phone in for repairs and lost the app. Thankfully, the nurses wanted to continue the discussion and we completed the case study as a group during a step-down training class.
Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
The most important measure of success for any nurse education curriculum is the degree to which that curriculum imbues nurses with the necessary skill sets and knowledge bases that will ultimately result in optimal patient outcomes. To this end, nurse education must be continuously assessed and evaluated in order to establish the effectiveness of the program itself and of the educator administering that program. Assessment and evaluation are essential aspects of nursing education as a whole as their impact on…

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