Success Is How High You Bounce When You Hit The Bottom, By George S. Patton

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“Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom,” (George S. Patton). We all face through hardships, failures, and cause mistakes once in a while because no one is perfect, but what makes us as success is overcoming the struggles we face. I have overcome many throughout my life, being born with a cleft palate, constantly moving, and my first year of college experience at Texas Tech University.
Moving to the land of opportunity with no background or fluency of English at the age of 7, life has not been a smooth road for me. Growing up as a Cleft Palate, I had trouble making friends, which became a struggle especially constantly moving from one location to another due to my father’s profession as a software engineer led to a disruption in my academics. This culminated in depression and anxiety, a lonely period with few friends, and getting held back a grade. Nevertheless, I became a fighter, battling with my inner-self and brining out a positive outlook on life especially with pouring support from my family members including my very own older brother. I made a great recovery, adjusted courses, and excelled in high school. I learned the negativity was a growing aspect to become a better person. I did not let my Cleft Palate life struggle through my goals in life but instead I fought back by accepting who I am and how I was born and excelled not only in academics but extra curricular actives.
In Fall 2014 I had the opportunity to attend Texas Tech University as…

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