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Success as we perceive
We tend to believe that hard working and opportunities are two key elements in achieving the designated perception of success for each individual. In America, success is often identified along with wealth and status, for what we were taught and shown in our life directed our way of thinking that way. Yet, success does not have only one meaning. In fact, success is an ambiguous term. The concept of success varies greatly among different cultures, communities, ages, and life experiences.
In our society, we were taught since our childhood that we are our own hinderers for not trying hard enough, and that success is achieving great wealth and social status; furthermore, attaining success needs no more than hard work. Benjamin Rush once said: “It is well known that our strongest prejudices in favour of our country are formed in the first one and twenty years of our lives…” Perhaps, this concept is also true to our perspective for success. Ever since we were born, our parents conversations, the TV shows we watched, the topics discussed in schools, and stories in magazines all tells us that success money and power.
In addition, society and, especially, media put an incredible high standard for success and such simple term of conditions to achieve it. In Gregory Mantsios’s “Class of America - 2009,” they number fourth myth in is the “equal chance of success.” People need no more than “hard work, sacrifices, and perseverance” to become successful and wealthy,…

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