Essay on Success And Success Of College

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Success to College When I started college I was excited but also extremely nervous. I came in saying I was going to get straight As but then I started to struggle, slowly losing hope in my grades. I am slowly stating to get the hope again that I can get the As I want I am trying much harder than before. I decided that giving up wasn 't an option, as I had been in this exact spot many times in high school. So as I sat in my classes I paid more attention and took notes. I realized I needed a plan to get through the semester to I decided to make a schedule do certain things certain days, do homework of some kind every day, and actually study for my test. So that I could actually succeed in college like I was planning from the beginning. I am not a very good organizer so I had my mom help me with my schedule. We decided that certain days should be focusing on certain classes. I worked on math most Tuesdays and then composition on the other Tuesdays. Wednesday was strictly Biology, Thursday was cornerstone every other Thursday and then the Thursdays in between were math again. I struggle most in math and composition but I go to the academic support center for composition to get my essays corrected. So I spend two days a week on math so that I get more time in for it. I enjoy all my classes a little more now that I have scheduled out how I should work on the classes. Now I always have homework of some sort so I study each lesson on specific days but homework is a whole other…

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