Styles And Types Of Management Case Study

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Here is a look into the different styles and types of management. The goal is to be able to consider being a manager and decide whether the position is fitting. This will be determined by looking at the skills required then deciding whether any of them are possessed. This will also introduce to the types of management then lead on to see which categories certain skills and personal beliefs fall under. While considering these aspects of management keep in mind there are multiple ways of going about managing. Someone’s personality may fall under many of the listed categories. The goal is to find out which style is right.

Styles of Management and the Skills Involved What would it take to become a manager at a company? Sure
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These four functions are required in any management position. A manager must be good a good planner which means coming up with the ideas then figuring out how to prosecute them. After planning, the key is to organize these plans in order for them to be accomplished. A basic component when organizing is being a good team leader. “Leading a team will include motivating them, directing them, and influencing them to get things done. Leading requires control which might be monitoring performance then comparing it with goals to make sure thing are going accordingly” (Kinicki and Williams 2013). If these functions of a management role seem applicable, consider the required …show more content…
Now analyze other important aspects when defining a leader type. Is it important to delegate and order people around or is it important to work together? Would letting your employees work at their own pace while relying on themselves to get the job done be appropriate? Depending on values, views on management styles can contradict. Not only are values a consideration, but also the values of the people being managed. Often times picking the right type of management based on workers skills rather than the management itself is crucial. Consider certain aspects of each leadership style. Determine what parts are important, maybe think about merging one with another. As mentioned before; there is not only one right way to perform something

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