Students Should Stop Playing Video Games Essay

789 Words Dec 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Millions and millions of videogames are sold each year (Gartner). According to Gartner video game console hardware and software, online, mobile and PC games, reach $79 billion in 2012, and $93 billion in 2013, and the market is forecast to reach $111 billion by 2015. Although it may be beneficial to companies, since they are making money and getting rich, it also causes a negative impact on the society such as students from all ages. Students should stop playing video games because due to the effect that video games cause addiction, it distracts students from school and causes them to fall behind in their classes. Not only that it also prevents students from going out to enjoy the outside world and causes their academic skills to drop.
Addiction is one of the biggest issues students face from gaming because it cause students to fall behind their classes and leads to bad grades. Addiction means “a strong and harmful needs to regularly have or do something” (“Addictive”). Kristin Klaning states, “social networking is really kind of the glue that pushes people to sit in the game for long periods of time”. With socializing with other players online, it’s what distracts student from finishing their assignments from school which leads to bad grades. This is big issue because it can greatly impact the society negatively. Students won’t be able to meet the requirements go to college due to poor grades. This will lead to affecting the economy since students didn’t go to college they…

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