Students Entering The Classroom Bring With Them Their Metaphorical ' Virtual School Bag Within An Educational Setting

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Students entering the classroom bring with them their metaphoric ‘virtual schoolbag.’ Educators should be aware of Thomson’s theory on this subject, as it suggests that the ‘virtual schoolbag’ includes all that the child has already learned from outside of the educational setting. However, if students are socially disadvantaged they may not be requested to access their ‘virtual school-bags’ as their inherent knowledge and skills may not be required within the school setting (Thomson, 2002, p.9). This depends on the social and cultural ‘capital’ of the child (Thomson, 2002, p.8). The socioeconomic status of their family within society will determine the value of the child’s virtual school bag within an educational setting. By assisting students and supporting them to value their individual resources, provides opportunities for teachers to facilitate equality within the classroom, which in turn will hopefully bring about change for a fairer society (Thomson, 2002, pp. 8.14). The common goal of teachers and the school curriculum should consistently aim at working towards equal opportunities and outcomes for all Australian children regardless of their family’s socioeconomic status, race or cultural beliefs (Ewing, 2013, p.73). The virtual school bag is a fundamental building block that educators must familiarise themselves with in order to build self-esteem, help to engage learning based on student interests, build on pre-acquired knowledge and help students to embrace…

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