Student 's Thoughts On The Cost Of College Essay

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A Student’s Thoughts on The Cost of College
What if I said college debt was increasing $2,853.88 per second? FinAid,information financial aid website, tells us that is the amount the total student loan debt, in the United States, is increasing per second. That is a ridiculous amount of money, and it is all in just one second. There are 86,400 seconds in one day. That means $246,575,232 in one day. This number scares me because college only gets more expensive every year. In fact, Michael Snyder, author of “16 Shocking Facts About Student Debt and The Great College Education Scam,” tells us college is 400 times more expensive today than it was 30 years ago. Today, many people have to go to college to get the jobs that they want, and students have to spend excessive amounts of money to get the education needed for the job. Regardless of one’s financial standings everyone should have the right to a higher education that is affordable.
Now the question is what does college actually costs? There are many different aspects that go into the cost of college. Tuition, fees, housing, meals, books, school supplies, and personal expenses all go into the cost of college. Big Future, website with information from financial experts, reports the average yearly price for college ranges from a two year college at about $3,347 to a four year private college at about $31,231. This being said affordability takes a toll on the school students choose. According to Lucie Lapovsky in her article…

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