American Revolution Vs French Revolution Research Paper

Topic Introduction:
Stemming from the Enlightenment are fundamental concepts that sparked the American and French Revolutions. Of these enlightenment ideals, reason is by far the most important. Reason – the freedom to think and act for oneself – is a core value that stems from this era. Kant argued that be human is to abandon a life of unreason or a reliance on faith and superstition. Reason, Kant claims, is the true meaning of humanity. Reason is the sign of maturity. As such, as we grow and develop as an autonomous person, then we gain reason and knowledge to become an enlightened being. Through reason and autonomy we can find truth. This truth we seek is found through science; not opinion, through inquiry; not blind faith.
Equally, the
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Of these causes, there are three principle cases that standout as contributing factors for the French Revolution. And for the general purpose of comparing the French and American Revolution, we will address those social concerns. The French people were separated into three estates. The First Estate, primarily, religious orders, was small, about one-percent of the society; and fell under a tax exemption under French law. The Second Estate reserved for nobility and wealthy landowners comprised up to two-percent of the population. Though the wealthiest, this Estate was also tax-exempt. The largest estate, comprising ninety-seven-percent of the French society was everyone else not included in the first two estates. This class paid all the taxes and had little to no say in the …show more content…
Through historiography, different ideas on what exactly happened and why have changed the historical footprint. In colonial America, for instance, people from all lifestyles depended on the customary aspects of life, the “essential needs.” However, like today, we tend to live a bit more beyond our means. For the colonists they equated themselves with British society. Colonists wanted to be equal to the Britons, as the British merchant community was the only market for the fine and “delicate” items. This exuberant lifestyle, following the Seven Years War, positioned the colonists against each other. Social class division erupted and drastically positioned the wealthy merchants against the poorer

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