Case Study: The Student Support Team

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Within the walls of a public school system, the defining moment of a school success is an effective Student Support Team, merely because the rate of students and their attendance are drastically changing. These situations along with many other variables tremendously affect African American males and the graduation rates across the country, state and right at Wilkinson County High School. Importantly, the student support team will have a positive outcome in the school system in solving the problem to Adequately Yearly Progress’ second indicator. Through research design, variables, design of each study of a study of a student (especially African American males) the effect can become overwhelming. Conclusively, the Student Support Team has its legalities between school, school administrators, parent and communities. However, the Student Support Team (SST) helps our school system within minorities and special needs children. In such, this abstract prepares you for the district in Wilkinson County. It talks merely about how this particular case affects the student body, tremendously the African American male population.

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Many states have adopted similar support teams that have become known as pre-referral intervention teams. A pre-referral intervention team provides consultation to teachers using a problem-solving process to serve better students, provides teachers with skills and strategies to assist students, and helps prevent inappropriate referrals to special education. Systems that use pre-referral teams have found a significant reduction in the number of students being referred to special

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