Essay Student Students And Learning Environment

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As educators, we never stop learning new ways on how to help students succeed in the classroom. For this reason, teachers continue growing professionally and educating themselves to become better teacher leaders. There is no doubt that teachers face many obstacles in their way to teach students effectively and lead them to success; therefore, we must be prepared to implement effective strategies and meaningful resources to overcome these issues. One of the many issues in our nation is inappropriate student behavior in the classroom; consequently, educators need to make sure they establish a learning environment that will meet the need of all students and maximize learning. In order for learning to take place in a learning environment, teachers have to implement different teaching strategies depending in the need of the students and establish positive teacher-student relationships, positive peer relationships, and foster positive relationships with families (Jones & Jones, 2016). I have been asked by my principal to write two articles to establish and build relationships with students and families to enhance student learning. The first article will be for the parent newsletter that is sent to all families emphasizing the importance of creating positive relationships between school staff and families. The second article will be for the staff-only newsletter in the school emphasizing the importance on creating positive school professional to student relationships and…

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