Student First Day Of School Questionnaire Essay

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'Student first-day of school questionnaire: ' “What are your career goals?” A question I was deliberately asked. During elementary school, middle school, high school and even during my undergraduate career somehow, I managed to come across that question every time. My answer was consistent, “To become a medical doctor.” I was always interested in the medical field. Since I was a child, the woman or man in the white coat always held my highest respect. I have to greatly admire and respect their dedication and selfless efforts to care for their patients. Not many people look forward to a doctor 's visit – but I was always excited to go to a doctor 's office. My visits have always been informative because I am given a chance to observe what a medical professional does on a daily basis. My first contact with a doctor was inspiring. My doctor was very knowledgeable and so good at making patients feel comfortable. Her approach was to view the patient as a unique person rather than as a medical condition that needs to be treated. At that moment, I thought this is my life as I see it will be years from now. I am only hoping that I can obtain those qualities someday. For that reason, I desire to attend medical school to acquire essential skills and abilities to become a successful doctor; my interest in this profession has been strengthened through my desire, experience, and passion. First and foremost, my dream of becoming a physician has come from a pure desire to do good in…

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