Student Carry Analysis

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The college carry law that will go into effect August of 2016, has escalated a heated debate between Anti-gun activists and Pro-gun activists. Pro-gun activists claim that guns on campus would decrease the likelihood of on campus shooting and provide a certain degree of safety for the students; However, Anti-gun activists counter that claim by stating that approving guns on college campuses would lead to the probability of such action to take place. Furthermore, regardless of gun license or not college students should not be allow to carry guns on campus for their safety and others. For example, a Facebook post by the Marietta Daily Journal, stated that Jude Grubbs response to the concerned citizens of Newton, Connecticut when he was asked …show more content…
Indeed, the implementation of the carry policy could have a negative mental impact on students and faculty members because a student could fire his weapon unintentionally which can kill or critically injure the people around him/her. The incident by a University of California, Santa Barbara student is the perfect illustration of this happening; he was playing with his Glock handgun, when it accidentally went off and the round went through a wall injuring his neighbor (Morrison). The thought of an incident like that happening, could linger in the mind of students and teachers in the classroom and around campus, thus putting fear into the heart of students and teachers. The article by Jacob Smith mentioned that the “main concern of this law is the fear that students and professors coming to class knowing someone in the classroom might be armed” (Smith). This fear can negatively affect the learning environment and cause mental instability to students who already have an extensive amount of course work and exams to deal with each …show more content…
In the mix of these problems, is the impact of the carry policy on the freedom of speech. In addition, having a heated argument with an individual possessing a handgun is typically not a good idea because he could use the gun to his advantage; therefore, making the person without the gun unable to express their freedom of speech. According to an article by Jason Morris “over 280 professors and counting have signed a petition calling the new legislation a direct assault on our free speech rights" (Morris). In regards to the quote, the possibility of guns in the classroom is going to interfere with students' freedom of speech in the classroom, a place were certain issues tend to escalate rapidly. Not to mention, if a shooting incident does occur, chances are licensed handgun owners would probably fire back at the treat, thus escalating the situation. Alternatively, generating a bigger problem and making it difficult for law enforcement officials to seek out the treat. Chancellor William McRaven, a former Navy SEALs stated that he “opposes the Campus Carry law” because he has been shot at before and students should not be place in an environment that has the likely hood of that happening. He also mentioned that “most people do not react like expected when a shooting occurs” (Morris). In reference to Chancellors comments, if licensed students carry handguns and have not been properly

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