Strict Parents Essay

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If a person were to go down a line of families, one would see that from family to family no two parents are exactly the same. From my mom and dad, to my grandmother and grandfather, and even amongst my friends parents and grandparents, I have observed that they all have different parenting styles. With my observations, I have classified parents into three main types: the strict parent, the easy- going parent, and the “in-between” parent. Many of my friends’ parents are of the category of strict parents. Their parents are controlling, and control almost every aspect of their lives. My friends’ parents enforce their rules strictly, and rarely go against something they have already said. Because their parents are controlling, my friends’ parents …show more content…
This type of parent is much more lenient than the strict parent. Easy-going parents have little to no rules. They usually only address problems as the problems are presented. The easy-going parent is quite the opposite of the strict parent. The easy-going parent rarely enforces rules. My father is an example of an easy-going parent. He loves to have fun and to just live life. He is a “go with the flow” type of parent. Whenever my siblings and I get into trouble he does not punish us, but he tells us never to do the offense again. Strict parents are so uptight about everything, that the child may feel as if they have is no room to make mistakes. My dad, on the other hand, reminds us that it is okay to make mistakes because we are all human. To their child, the easy-going parent is usually the more fun parent mainly because the child does not have to worry about getting into …show more content…
The “in-between” parent is exactly “in-between” being a strict parent or an easy-going parent—more like a mixture. This type of parent changes according to his or her mood or events happening around them. These types of parents do not strictly enforce rules, but the rules are most definitely present. My mom is an “in-between” parent. She is slightly laid-back and does not enforce her rules, unless my siblings and I get out of control. In this type of parenting style, the parent wants his or her child to feel comfortable with them, so he or she will allow their child to come to them about anything. Because my mom is not as strict nor easy-going, I feel comfortable coming to her because she can understand my situations from two perspectives. The “in-between” parent can not only be a parent when he or she needs to be, but a friend also.The “in-between” parent has many limits as to how far he or she will go with his or her child. I know what my mom expects from me as her child on the parental level, and I also know not to cross her on the friendly level either. Sometimes I wish I could experience the parenting styles of other adults, but God knows I would not trade my mother for nothing in the world. Many types of parents live in this world of the diverse, and they change from family to family. Everyone has a mind and brain of their own, and because of this we are all different. Some children take their parents for granted, and they do not

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