Stress Within The Workplace Occurs Essay

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Stress within the workplace occurs in nearly all organizations on some level. Not all employees have a high level of stress within their job. Likewise, not all stress has a negative connotation. Some stressors can serve to be motivators for employees to achieve goals that have been set by themselves or others. Olympic athletes use stress as positive enforcement. When the challenge arises for the athlete to do their best and be the best in competition with the best around the world, they use this stress to push their minds and bodies to do what they never thought possible in order to win the medal they are seeking. Furthermore, there are the bad kind of stresses as well. Stress can be caused from a vast variety of things. The three categories of potential stress sources include environmental factors, organizational factors and personal factors.
Organizational Factors There are numerous factors within an organization that can cause stress to an individual. The categories of organizational factor stressors are task demands, role demands, and interpersonal demands. (Robbins & Judge, 2009) Task demands relate to an individual’s job, such as the working conditions, the autonomy, and task variety. Role demands relate to pressures placed on an individual in a particular role within the organization, such as role conflict, role overload, or role ambiguity. Interpersonal demands relate to the pressures created by other employees. In my current job, I am…

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