Stress In College Student Essay

In today’s society, stress is a commonly used word that people tend to associate with life. However, many people have different meanings of the word stress. For some, stress has a positive definition and for others stress has a negative one. Stress occurs in everyday life with any and every person on earth, whether it is positive or negative. Holinka (2015) exclaimed,
Knowing the exact meaning of what stress is, is very complex. The actual meaning changes from person to person due to one 's emotions and how they view a situation. College students in particular have a wide variety of stress factors. With stress factors, emotions can over load from excitement to downright terror, according to the individual and how they have learned to balance
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They take in so many comments from their family, friends, coaches, and random outsiders. Some comments are positive while others and most are negative. Negative comments can easily cause stress for a student athlete because they already have so much going on outside of their sport. When considering the amount of stress the student athlete is enduring physically and mentally, it is hard to imagine what kind of emotions they can portray due to the amount of stress they are already undergoing. Unfortunately, not all student athletes know how to handle the comments so they become frustrated and upset causing stress upon themselves. Being frustrated and upset for a certain amount of time can grow weary and tiresome. Moriya (2013), explained how depression affects a student athlete by affirming that,
An enormous amount of symptoms derives from stress and causes much strain on people’s emotions. This fact is overwhelmingly true in the lives of college athletes. With athletes, one of the most serious symptoms of emotional stress is depression. It is known that several college athletes suffer from some level of depression during their tenure as a student athlete. With student athletes, stress can come from losing a game, failing a class, not fitting in and several other possible stressor which can ultimately lead to some type of breakdown in

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