Stress And The Stress Of Stress Essay

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There are many parts of your body that is effected by stress. Your immune system, digestive, muscular, circulatory and respiratory system. You wouldn’t think that stress effects the body that much. But there’s more to it. And there are different levels of stress. There’s episodic acute stress, acute stress, chronic and toxic stress. But there are ways to cope with stress. Each person has different ways to cope. First of all what is stress? Anxiety? Although similar, they are not to same. Stress is a specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism, so says What does that mean though? Have you ever had a project that you need to get done by a certain date? If you are a procrastinator like my you get really stressed near the deadline and you don’t have it done. You start getting headaches and you heart races faster. Welcome to the world of stress! Stressed is linked to the “fight or flight response” which is how your body prepares for a stressful event. It either releases chemicals in the brain to calm you down or give you more energy. Or speeds up the blood flow to get more blood to the muscles. Your body is getting ready to either fight the event or run away from it. It slows digestion so your body is just working one fighting or fleeing. When you finally calm down, the digestive process is started up again so you can replenish your energy debt. There are…

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