Strengths Of A Customer Training At Pizza Hut

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I hope this email finds you well, and business successful. As a former employee who spent three years as a server and two of those as a team trainer, this email is in regards to the server training you offer at your Pizza Hut. As you are training employees to work in the service industry, there are many different elements that are key to the successful training of servers. At Pizza Hut your training has many strengths and weaknesses that when addressed will help ensure service employee excellence.
Strengths of your training program include the hands-on approach that is offered, the possibility for customization, as well as the double-barreled approach you have taken.
Having a hands-on approach to training, allows new employees to jump right
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For some it is a part time job while going to school, for some a second job, for some a way to support their family, and for others it could be their first ever job. For this reason, people will require more customized training. If the position is an employee’s first job, they may require more training prior to letting them go on their own. For others who have had many jobs like this, they may need only have the average time before taking their own tables. In having a trainer for every trainee, trainers are able to move at the pace of the learner speeding up or slowing down to ensure that proper training is met and all information is …show more content…
There may be a lapse in the training because one thought the other taught the task. This may hinder the employee’s training by not giving them all of the information needed to successfully complete the job.
“Continual assessment of service workers’ performance should be conducted using both formal and informal means of gathering information regarding their behavior” (Fisk et. al, p. 83). Without a protocol in place to continue monitoring new employees once they are left on their own, any information forgot or not learned will go unnoticed and could become habit. If team leaders don’t notice it until it is a bad habit, then it will be harder to correct.
According to Services Marketing: An Interactive Approach, cross-training is important because it makes employees more versatile (Fisk, et. al, p. 81). It also give them a better understanding of backstage processes. By understanding how the backstage works, frontstage service employees will be able to give better customer service by being able to explain things to their tables. Uninformed employees may not be able to satisfy customers very efficiently. Being able to quickly answer any questions customers will have without having to run back and forth between the front and the back to get the

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