Strength Of A Single Mothers Essay

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Strength in Single Mothers When thinking of strength, what is the first image that comes to mind? Depending on personal life experiences, everyone would answer this question differently. The majority of people would say “I picture a man doing...” or something along those lines. The real question is why does strength only have to be associated with the image of men? Sexism today is much different than it was fifty years ago. Women have gained their rights but yet they are still viewed as the underdogs. I cannot stress enough that the centerpiece of sexism are created images that men and women are suppose to be seen as. The problem in today’s society in terms of sexism is not about strength or rights. It revolves around the image of the “manly man” and the “gentle nurturing woman”. These images created by social norms are outdated based on the common situations of, for example, women being doctors, and supporting their families as single moms. My opinion on sexism stem mostly from my childhood experiences. Growing up, my mother was the full time provider for our family. My father was a stay at home dad, which in most cases is the other way around. I did not know any better because that was all I had ever know. My dad was the best Mr.Mom a kid could ask for. He was not insecure about his masculinity and he was not afraid to admit that he did the laundry, or that he would tear up during chick flicks. In my eyes, showing sensitivity shows true strength and courage.…

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