Essay about Strength And Conditioning Coaches ( Scc )

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Strength and conditioning coaches (SCC) have strived to find exercises that transfer to aid the development of specific sports skills. These exercises come in many forms, from resistance to body weight or from more technical based Olympic style weightlifting exercises, such as the clean and jerk, with the aim being to benefit the athlete with transferable capabilities that improve the sport specific skill (Hori et al., 2008; Behm, 1985). For the coach to design an effective training plan, how an exercise dynamically corresponds with a skill helps to pick the most effective exercise for the desired response. The term dynamic correspondence can be defined as the ability to use exercises for specific sports to enhance required motor patterns (Siff & Verkhoshansky, 2009). These exercises are selected by using a set of criteria compiled by Siff and Verkhoshansky, in which the weightlifting exercise can be compared to the sports skill and these results can be used to define the effectiveness of the exercise. The criterions are as follows:
1. Amplitude and direction of movement
2. Joint range of motion when force production is the highest
3. Dynamics of effort
4. Rate and time of maximum force production
5. Regime of muscular work

The aim of this literature review is to evaluate the dynamic correspondence of a hang clean (HC) to a vertical jump (VJ) within football.

The HC is a derivative from the Olympic style weightlifting exercise the Clean and Jerk and is used to help…

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