Strategic Planning And Assessment Of An Organization Essay

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Annotated Bibliography Reference

Cervone, H. F. (2014). Strategic planning and assessment. Journal Of Library Administration, 54(2), 155-168. doi:10.1080/01930826.2014.903371
The article describes how agile methodologies - in software development - can be used in the strategic planning process to help facilitate greater engagement and more effective planning processes. The article defines, examines, and discusses strategic management and the factors, which impede it 's affective use. Altering the cultural fabric of the organization is vital to the successful implementation of strategic planning. “It is clear then that developing a planning culture is critical to strategic planning success” p. 158. To combat the three common issues of apathy - based on an ambiguous definition of strategic planning -, the overselling of the concept as an all purpose solution, and the poor execution or misplaced focus of any or all of the seven elements in an organization, which frequently hinder strategic planning; the author offers two solutions - found in agile project management - for addressing and conquering the barriers to strategic planning. The first concept from agile project management, advocates the creation and use of short term goals and objectives rather than long projects. The second concept advocates increased and frequent communication with all members of the project. These two concept can be more effectively implemented through the use of the Scrum model. “For…

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