T-Mobile Ethical Leadership Case Study

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Over the years, the discipline of ethics has increasingly gained relevance. Also, the need for proper ethical conduct has become pertinent to individuals and organizations, in order to maintain a positive image and avoid lawsuits (Salehi et al, 2012). Although a new field, ethical leadership has grown in relevance over the years, with an increasing need for organizational leaders to gain trust from employees and stakeholders (Monahan, 2012). Also, major organizational failures, such as Enron, have ignited an interest within the field. The following part seeks to identify what distinguishes ethical leaders in business and society, using the T-Mobile as a case example.

With a vision to provide the best network and best services that will enable its customers trust the company with their digital lives, building of trust is fundamental to the company’s core strategy. In building trust, ensuring ethical stance, ethical perception, and ethical leadership is critically central to the company (T-mobile, 2016).
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The ethical leadership of T-Mobile is to be responsible and to build a responsible business (T-mobile, 2016.). This responsibility driven approach positions the company as a leader and example in the society and the industry, and incorporate ethical conduct and behaviour. It is also important to note that the leadership of the company endeavours to ensure that the ethical values of the company extends beyond the operations of the company (T-mobile, 2016). This paves the way for the extension of the company’s ethical principle and ethical leadership beyond the organization to other organizations along its value creation chain, as well as to the society at large. Some of the initiatives that have strengthened the company’s ethical leadership position

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