Ethical Business Scandal

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In the world today it seems like every thing on TV there is something related to some business scandal where a CEO or an employee was able to steal millions of dollars from the company, or their customers without anyone noticing. Every time these business scandals happen everybody is surprised that it happened, and no one understands how it happened. With the amount of scandals that have happened the last decade, everybody is trying to figure out ways to try and stop businesses from being unethical. From an article written by Carla Turchettil, she writes about three ways to build an ethical business. The three steps that Turchettil talks about are being consistently ethical, lead with morals, and give back to the community. When analyzing …show more content…
This is a recurring problem that companies need to find ways to fix to make sure that their employees stay, as ethically has possible when working. Some other ways companies can do to make sure the work environment is ethical as possible other than using the three-step method. When dealing with an ethical or unethical event, a manger needs to play a huge role in it to make sure that employees are ethical as possible during the work day. One way that managers can do is when going through the hiring process to have each candidate to sign an ethical statement to say that they will do their job as ethically as possible, and if broken there could be consequences. (Creating an Ethical Workplace. …show more content…
An article from Business Insider talks about a few steps a CEO can do to form better ethics among employees, and in the workplace. The steps that are listed are “communicate what is expected of finance and accounting employees, lead by example, define violations to code of ethics and provide a safe mechanism for reporting, establish ongoing training programs, and be visible and open.” (Doxey, C. (2015). 5 steps one CFO took to fix a broken culture and build strong ethics among employees.) If a CEO is able to use these steps in the work force they could be able to form a better ethical work environment. By analyzing each step by starting with the first one “communicate what is expected of finance and accounting employees” talks about that if the CEO communicates with the accountants about ethics and what is expected that there is a higher possibility that they will not cook the books if given a chance. The second step “lead by example” talks about if the CEO does not do anything unethically it will mean that employees will not want to do something wrong. (Doxey, C. (2015). 5 steps one CFO took to fix a broken culture and build strong ethics among

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