You Can Lead A Horse To Water Essay

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You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. This famous proverb will always hold true. However, as a young professional in the management field, I like to apply my own twist: You can lead a horse to water and you can inspire them to drink. As a current leader and future manager this adapted proverb has become my personal credo.
As a young professional my vision for promoting responsible corporate management and sticking to my personal beliefs start with some key managerial principles. Leadership starts by demonstrating an honorable tone at the top, and communicating clearly and openly across the whole organization. In addition, to manage successfully you must help employees set realistic goals and employ a system of checks
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These are the practices that are critical to a company’s success, and the results speak for themselves. On a larger scale, the code of ethics and behavior only grew in importance as the spectrum of true success is directly tied to the spread of responsible management. Specifically a code of behavior for all managers in the company similar to that of Sarbanes Oxley can be implemented, where as a manager you must sign off that all of your actions are legal and ethical. In addition, create a program within the business called “Managers Making a Difference”, where anyone can share testimonies of positive managerial behavior. Lastly, I feel creating a mentoring program to further promote responsible management to a younger generation would be beneficial. College students would team up with management professionals to create programs that educate others on responsible corporate management. The goal is to encourage this behavior for future generations. From there a culture of behavior and accomplishment is established, which will only need adherence and maintenance as time passes to ensure both prosperity and

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