Strategic Pl Strategic Planning Essay

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Every successful organisation has a strategy, which they implement in order to achieve their goals and accomplish their vision and mission. Not only do these organisations possess a strategy, but they also have a strategic plan which they use as a roadmap in order to execute its chosen strategy. Developing a strategic plan is complex process and hence must be coordinated. The actions taken in order to conduct this process of developing a strategic plan is known as strategic planning. The process of strategic planning lays emphasis on the vision, mission, strategy, long term goals, resources, customers, stakeholders, and also the internal- external environment of the organisation. As a result, the main purpose of strategic planning is to develop an appropriate and a well thought of plan that the organisation must follow in order to implement its strategy in order to achieve its goals and objectives. As mentioned above, every organisation has a vision and mission for themselves but very often they do not know how to proceed in order to achieve these. As a result organisations are not able to determine whether they are on the right track or how much closer are they to achieving their goals. Creating a strategic plan provides direction to the organisation as this plan spells out the direction in which the organisation must proceed and also the steps it must take in order to implement its strategy. Implementing their strategic plan in the right manner will increase the chances of…

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