Stop The Cravings Away : Cleaning Up Essay

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Day 2: The next thing to do, to start pushing the cravings away: Cleaning up Here’s day 2 of your program. You’ve started well, with setting your objectives on day 1, and breaking a cigarette in two to show your commitment to your decision, to quit with the “nasty habit”. Now, the most normal thing to do is to clean up a little bit. Remember, that nicotine is addictive, and the simple fact that you can smell it, can really ruin things for you, now. So, you’ve probably guessed it; it’s time to do some cleaning around you. Smells get easily on fabric, so take your curtains off, your clothes, clean up the inside of your car etc. Here’s one thing you should do first, since you are trying to fight smells, don’t use a detergent that is too strong, you will feel disgusted (and can risk having migraines). The aim is to help you relax and forget about cigarettes (or whatever you are smoking). So use a mildly scented detergent or a regular detergent, to wash your fabric. Same for your car and carpet, do not use a deodorant for your car afterwards. If you are having your carpet cleaned, let it dry for about 5 hours by leaving the house to go eat out, or walk your dog.
You must be wondering “well that’s it, just walk the dog to avoid smells?”, “but what about the cravings you will have during the day?”
You must be prepared. Like said in day 1, you must have already your stock of nicotine patches or nicotine gums, just in case you are constrained to go out of your way (out of your…

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