Still Killing Us Softly 4 By Jean Kilbourne Essay

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In today’s society, advertisements are everywhere: on televisions, on newspapers, on magazines, on walls, on billboards, and even on buses. These advertisements cover every single surface available in order to catch people’s attention and influence them to buy the product that’s being promoted. The desire to promote products in order to capitalize profit is normal to today’s society and it’s even seen as the norm. Advertisements aren’t bad for they are the driving force in today’s consumer society, but it is what they use in order promote products that caused many debates in regards to female rights. In her “Still Killing Us Softly 4” documentary, Jean Kilbourne drew a line that linked the idea of women in society to how women are being portrayed in advertisements. The main point in “Still Killing Us Softly 4” is to point out the fact that the way women are being portray in advertisements are being reproduced on women in society today. Kilbourne tried to raise more awareness in this situation by reinforcing her point through how the women in ads shape the thoughts of society today. The advertisement industry is one of the largest industries in the world with its worth at 250 billion dollars a year in United States alone. An average American will see about 3000 ads everyday and watch about 2 years worth of commercials on TV. With advertisement being such a popular culture in today’s society, it is easy for advertisement to shape the way society view women by continuously…

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