Essay On Fast Food Workers

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Steven Greanhouse a journalist and the author of Rare Vote Set on a Union in Fast Food, says “Jen Thompson, a mother of two who earns $7.75 an hour as a sandwich maker said… We’re tired of getting treated like garbage. We don’t get paid well, and we get horrible hours.” This quote is trying to examine the feeling a fast food worker. People should treat others the way they want to be treated. Unfortunately, many people treat others horrible. One of the biggest issues with the beef industries is the way they treat the fast food workers, the way the ranchers are being treated, why the fast food workers are being treated and why the ranchers are being treated so bad. There are many issues in the fast food industry. One of the main issue is how the fast food workers are treated. Eric Schlosser, an American journalist, and the author of Fast Food Nation, tries to expose the way fast food workers are being treated. …show more content…
These workers are offered to accept the treatment because "Fast food manager have the power to hire, fire, and schedule workers" (Schlosser 74). These workers are afraid of their mangers. Another reasons to why these fast food workers are treated so badly is “the fast food chains often reward mangers who keep their labor cost low" (Schlosser 74). The way mangers keep their labor cost low is buying paying the fast food worker so minimum. Basically, a mangers reward is a worker downfall. The other reason these fast food workers are treated so bad is because "workers who fail to work hard, Stay extra hours are made to feel they’re make life harder for everyone else letting their friends and coworkers down (Schlosser 74)." These fast food workers might have something to do after work, but since they are tricked in to thinking they are letting other people down they work the long hours without getting

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