Steve Jobs Leadership Essay examples

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2.0 Path-Goal Theory
2.1 Hersey-Blanchard Situational Theory
2.2 Transformational Leadership Theory
2.3 Transactional Leadership Theory
3.0 Application of Tranformational Theory to Steve Jobs’s Leadership
4.0 Application of Transactional Theory to Steve Jobs’s leadership
5.0 Application of Hershey Blanchard Theory to Steve Jobs' leadership
6.0 Application of Path-Goal Theory to Steve Jobs’s leadership
7.0 Steve Jobs as a Charismatic leader
8.0 Uniqueness of Steve Jobs leadership
9.0 Conclusion

Executive Summary Leadership style has an impact on all aspects of business in organization. Therefore over the last four decades, leadership scholars and practicing
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Jobs had lost power struggled with Sculley, forced him to quit from Apple in 1985. Then he founded NeXT a computer development company. In 1986 Jobs expanded business of NeXT by acquiring the computer graphics division from Lucas Films and started the Pixar Animation Studio.
In 1996 when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, it bought NeXT and then appointed back Steve Jobs as the interim CEO in March 1998. In effort in bringing back the company to profit, Jobs had abandoned several of projects which were the pet project of Schuller previously. Since then Apple has shown an increment of profit and achieved a market value of $108 billion. Apple also had successfully launched the iPods, iTunes and iPhones. The success of Apple has been attributed largely through the leadership style adopted by Jobs . Leadership style of Steve Jobs was applied from a combination of leadership theories as follows.
2.0 Path-Goal Theory
The Path-Goal Theory of Leadership was developed to describe how the leaders provide encouragement and support to their followers towards achieving the goals which had been set by making the path which they should take it clear and easy.
In particular, leaders should ;- * Clarifying the path for subordinates to know which way to go. * Removing roadblocks which are stopping them going there. * Increasing the rewards to them along the route.

This variation in approach will be depending on the situation, either the

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