Steve Jobs As A Change Management Essay

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Steve Jobs is considered as a famous American Information Technology entrepreneur. He was a great inventor as well as a leader also. He was the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the famous information technology organization known as Apple Inc. He described himself as an innovative entrepreneur who believes only in perfection. His innovative ideas and managing style make him different from the other entrepreneurs. His creativity came in front of the people when he designed his own version of classic video game pong (Lakin, 2015). This makes him very famous. His innovative style appreciated by everyone. In this paper, we will study the role of Steve jobs as a change management leader, decision maker, or consensus building. After studying this, we are able to analyze the leadership efficiency of Steve Jobs.
Leader Role in Management of Change
Steve job play an important change management role in the organization. Change refer to any alteration in an environment of the organization. How is it possible that an organization like Apple passed from near-oblivion during the 1990s to becoming one of the successful stories of the 21st century during a time when the most disruptive, and dramatic changes in IT history were taking place? The main reason and the answer to this question are Steve Jobs. He makes it possible with his visionary style of leadership. He developed "change" the main mantra and influenced the whole organization…

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