Stereotypes Of Africa And African Representations In The Media

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African representations in the media is negative as african are depicted as living in poverty,with wild animals, in huts, uneducated and fighting war. Many Americans during their lifetime would never travel to africa to see for themselves that what the media is portraying is totally one sided.

In the media today, we see African commercials where you can save a dying child for less than a dollar per day. The producer of these commercial normally go to a particular Eastern part of Africa that’s remote and barely associated with the modern world, then shoot their video. Making the continent of Africa appear to be all starving and on the verge of being off the planet, using slogans like “A child dies of hunger every six seconds”. That slogan doesn’t
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I have never seen a hut or how one looks like in person except for the one shown on the media by different agencies describing Africa and asking for financial assistance/ I do believe there are some parts of Africa where people live in huts; I wouldn’t say that’s untrue but the majority of people live in a regular house,, just as people in American. There’s a saying if you show people an image enough, whether it’s true or not, they start believing it. The first image you see when you Google Houses in Africa are hut like structure, but when you make specific search like the houses in Nigeria we see a major difference. Here is an …show more content…
Many people go to school and are educated, but when the media portrays. African people that couldn’t speak English none have an idea what the alphabets are. Many African countries either English or French. if you in a French region, you don’t expect their English to be as good as someone in an English speaking region, same goes for anywhere in the world. For example her in the U.S.A you wouldn’t be in a Spanish speaking region (miami) and expect your English to be polished like some that lives in Albany

Finally we can see how Shaheen’s examples play out with other cultures. where many scene are representations of disturbing part of another culture while the western world is free of any issues. A point that Shaheen makes that are related to african are:

He gave example of how an Arabis viewed as a terrorist and whether you lived in the U.S.A or Turkey you basically the same. This we could see on how American media treat Africans as uneducated showing a scene of African holding ice and saying that’s how winter feels like (movie: “good lie”) . He also gave example about the desert as a threatening place and we see this in how Africans is portrayed when everyone seems to be dying and having malnutrition. He gave yet another example of Arab being rich and buy everything while the reverse is the case for Africans the media portray

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