The Habits Of Highly Effective People By Henry Ford

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In the entire history, no other person has managed to have personified the notion of the self-made man more than Henry Ford. Henry Ford is best remembered as the one who single-handedly created the US automotive industry. What Ford had only a limited formal education, born in a farm, and was expected to take over the farm when he grows up.

Instead, Ford left home at the age of seventeen and joined as an apprentice at a machinist in Detroit. A career choice that left him wildly famous and successful. Even with a sort of okay education, Ford managed to revolutionize the mechanized assembly line, Detroit was later known as the ‘Motor City’ because of his work.

What is it that makes the uber rich, famous and successful set apart from the rest? It is not they have got
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They understand first, then they are later understood.

They are Proactive


The no. 1 habit listed on the book – ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is about being proactive. What does that even mean? The successful people realize that they are responsible for their choices. You choose to be happy, or either you choose to be sad.Your life is not ‘happening’, you are making it. These people don’t go around blaming genetics, circumstances, or conditions for how their life turns out to be.

Instead of worrying on what you can’t control, focus on what’s controllable. The successful people spend their time and efforts on things they could do something about.

They don’t fear Failure


How could you be successful at anything, if you are afraid of everything?

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The fear of failure is the worst of all. Sir Richard Branson might not have become what he is now if he feared to drop out of school. These people care the least about failure and work hard to avoid it at any

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