Essay on Staying Fit For Healthy Health

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Staying Fit The definition of staying fit is “in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.” According to Google definition for staying fit it is stating that physical exercise is needed to be healthy. For example every day I run for 30 min and every 3 months I go to the doctor for a health check up to make sure i’m healthy. Staying fit mean staying healthy if you stay healthy you live longer and there has been studies of not being healthy can take you into a early grave. This book gives you the way to stay fit and how other stay fit. Staying fit is Important not just because you look good it helps your mind and your body to be healthy and not having any health issues when you 're older. This is important because it would help you stay away from many illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease etc. There is many people in the world that think that staying fit is just for looking good but that 's not true. Staying fit can mean different things like exercising your brain and this could be helpful because it can help your knowledge. People say why should I stay fit ? Because your body deserves being fit it 's like if your motorcycle was overheating for example on a motorcycle you have to do its Maintenance or else it 's going to cause bad problems to you motorcycle like overheating same goes for us if we don 't exercise so we can be fit we can get a disease like heart disease. Some people don 't like doing exercise because they…

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