Statutory Authority : The Strategic Management And Direction Of The State 's Information Technology

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The GC section 11545 establishes the Department of Technology (Department) and gives the Department general authority over the strategic management and direction of the State’s information technology resources. SAM sections 4800-5180 constitutes these powers and defines the procedures for obtaining the Department’s approval of proposed information technology expenditures.
The FSR is one of the mechanisms to obtain approval to acquire IT goods and/or services from the Department. As defined in the State Contracting Manual (SCM) Volume 3, the FSR documents the results of a feasibility study conducted to address a business problem or opportunity, and identifies measurable business objectives and functional business requirements. The FSR is used to present the business case for investing in an information technology project. Once approved, the FSR establishes an agreement between the customer department and the Department as to how the project is to proceed. The FSR identifies the proposed solution’s logical and technical design requirements. It also establishes the requirements used to define the procurement documents that successful proposals from suppliers must meet.

To review the FSR and provide feedback to the customer department/agency. OBJECTIVE:
To ensure that the procurement approach is in alignment with current procurement guidelines.
• State Contracting Manual, Volume 3, Chapter 2, Section C, Topic 3
• Statewide…

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