Statement For Promotion And Promotion Essay

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Statement for promotion
I have been with Northern Arizona University since 2011 when I was hired as the Coordinator of Foundations at the lecturer level. The first project I choose to work on was to help unify the coursework taught by our faculty. In collaboration with all the faculty in foundations and input from the upper division areas we developed course shells that made sure each of the courses covered the same basic concepts. A major challenge was to get faculty consensus on the material covered in the foundations courses. This also involved external programs like Visual Communications. These shells allow the instructors considerable flexibility to design their own courses. It was during this time that Dean Michael Vincent also contributed over $10,000 worth of essential new equipment for the Foundation classrooms. This allowed us to further develop our pedagogy and toughen the standards. With the new equipment we were able to better standardize the learning objective from each course as each room now had more standardized and modern equipment. We also were able to move the design classroom downstairs and offer more drawing courses in spaces better equipped with large windows for more natural direct light. Design meanwhile was able to spread and work much larger in the new remolded classroom downstairs.
Over all my teaching evaluations over the past 5 years has been positive. I consistently get remarks like this one from Art 150 in Fall of 2015,
“He is such…

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