State Fair Attendance And School Essay

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Iowa has a grand total of 338 school districts and of those districts, 336 of them applied for and received a waiver to set their start date (Jurrens). Start date has been an issue many schools have been focusing on. It has been in the news lately, especially here in Iowa. Many are arguing that starting later increases state fair attendance and supposedly brings in more tax revenue. Others are calling for school control. This way the schools can determine what works the best for them. Which is confusing because if over 99% of schools are requesting to set their own start date would not it make more sense to make that the law anyway instead of forcing the schools to conform to a state set date by someone who does not know what is best for your school district. Every school is different and no one date can work for everyone. There are schools wanting to adjust their start time. Starting time can affect education as well. High school students who slept more than 7 hours a night were found to have the highest test scores (How Does Sleep Affect Academic Performance). Schools wanting to improve test scores also have to worry about when to start their day. All this is trying to do is prove a point. Schools are focusing on the unimportant details of when to start school and not the real issues like poverty of families, effectiveness of schools, and innovation.
A big issue for most students is having enough money. Poverty is a big issue for many students. The exact percentage of…

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