Aurora Public Schools Case Study

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What A Failure: Aurora Public Schools

Focus on something for a moment. Imagine a child in elementary school school,and their teachers talk of the importance of education, to have their homework on time, to pay attention in class, study hard, maintain punctuality, and know that all of this will pay off one day. Now stop! Get rid of that notion to which everything is going to be okay, because suddenly they find out that those values programmed into them from day one, are a fallacy. The homework has nothing to do with what they will eventually need to focus on in middle and high school. The course work isn 't catered specifically to the audience in their school or even in their classroom, no it 's handed out all the same, to all the rest of
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Without a confidently funded place for educational advancement, a child will struggle because of the basic needs required in a learning environment. An article by the Denver Post, published on October 6th,2016, explains my concerns entirely. Yessenia Robles, a writer for the Denver eloquently comments and reasons with the current scenario in APS, with her article entitled, “Aurora Public Schools Prepares to Cut $3 Million from Budget after Enrollment Drop”. When writing about one of the causes of enrollment dropping, Robles cites rising housing costs as one of the main factors of the situation, saying, “Budget cuts within Aurora Public Schools serves as an initial deterrent for those that live in the area and attend the schools. The reason behind the budget cuts is due to inflation in housing in Aurora, which leads to dropping enrollment rates.(Robles)”,The enrollment rate in Aurora is a tell-tale sign of the many struggles the districts faces, but even more so that even though Aurora is the most affordable city in the Metro Area, people are not as informed about the housing costs there as in comparison to other parts of the Metro and thus creates a stark irritant for APS. Adding onto this problem is the scenario of shrinking classrooms, now this this wouldn 't be as a problem if Aurora wasn 't the second largest city …show more content…
Curriculum, student and faculty environment, funding and an emphasis on success, are major roles that play into a thriving system. For those that would argue there are other elements which affect the success or failure of a system, such as the state of a family 's financial situation would be right to argue this point. Generally speaking, the perception that students from higher income families succeed academically more than lower income families is accepted and sometimes true. And this makes sense to an extent. More money generally allows more opportunity for those that do not have such allowances. Yet this is a common fallacy, ,because in an article published by the Atlantic on October 25,2013, entitled, “Do American Schools Need to Change? Depends What You Compare Them To.”, written by Wendy Kopp, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Teach For All,a global network of independent non profit organizations working to expand educational opportunity in their own countries. Kopp explains both sides of the issues in American education using authors Diane Ravitch, a historian of education, an educational policy analyst, and a research professor at New York University 's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and Amanda Ripley, an investigative journalist for Time, The Atlantic and other magazines,as focal points to address her position on how

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