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The classic Star Wars movies have been around for forty years now. You can enter the Star Wars universe through the LEGO Star Wars building sets. With the X-Wing Fighter set, you can battle the Galactic Empire and help destroy the massive death star. Do this along with the other Rebel alliance pilots. This X-Wing set takes place on the planet Hoth, during episode five of the installment. It was released in 2006 with the classic Lego Star Wars line. The x-wing offers many opportunities for imagination with its functional pieces.

This version comes with six different minifigures, many of which are hard to find nowadays. The array of hero minifigures consists of Chewbacca, Han Solo, R2-D2, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles. The
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There are striped tiles that can be places on the wings for this customization to be apparent. The x-wing is unique in that the parts can be moved, and there is a lot of detail put into it. The s-foil wings of the fighter ship open into an attack position. The landing gear legs are able to be folded in and out of the ship. There is a cargo hold underneath the cockpit that can be used to store Luke’s lightsaber and other items. The lego set also includes a moving cockpit that can be opened for putting a minifigure inside to fly the fighter ship. The cockpit has a semi transparent top, in order to see inside.

Kids can use their own imagination to use their lego star wars toys and fly among the stars in the star wars universe. The lego set also serves great for a collection by those who grew up with the original movies. The fighter comes with its own stand to display it proudly.

Use this LEGO model as a standalone display piece or add it to a greater Star Wars memorabilia collection. The set is great for both die-hard fans and those just getting into the Star Wars LEGO universe. The lego set includes much detail to be as accurate to the movie as possible. Join the search for Vader and his death stars with the other rebel pilots in the fight to save the

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