The Effects Of Star Wars On The Film Industry

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George Lucas’ Star Wars revolutionized special effects and the film industry as a whole. The science fiction saga Star Wars and astounded the world when it was first released and its popularity has grown tremendously since its inception. The effects team that worked on Star Wars nearly invented special effects and really popularised the use of them. Star wars also had a big effect on culture and the entire film industry. even decades after its release, Star Wars has only grown in popularity since its release in 1977. The Special effects in Star Wars were groundbreaking at the time of its release and still look good today. To achieve these effects, John Dykstra and his team had to create everything from scratch. “Star Wars was the first big budget blockbuster …show more content…
Dykstra and his team made a multitude of mock-ups, miniatures, and even invented a new computer-controlled camera to get the shots they needed (The new Economy). Many people say that Star Wars “woke up” the special effects industry, such as Mike Fink, a Hollywood effects heavyweight who has won an Oscar for his previous works (Yahoo News). The effects in Star Wars were actually so well received that Dykstra and his team’s company, Industrial Light and Magic was given an Oscar for special effects.
Special effects are not the only thing that Star Wars influenced, it also has heavily influenced the film industry as a whole and also

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