Separation And Initiation Stages Of Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey

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Separation and Initiation Stages of Luke Skywalker Hero’s Journey
Star Wars is an American franchise film that changed the movie industry in 1977 with the released of Star Wars Episode IV: A new Hope. The film was created by George Lucas and inspired by the Hero’s Journey concept. Star Wars, it’s the perfect example of the Hero’s Journey. An ordinary hero who was called to adventure, experiences trials, loss, sacrifice, heroic moments, finds his purpose, and comes back with the ultimate boon. The film focuses more on the separation and initiation stages of the hero’s journey to help Luke overcome obstacles to transform from a boy to a man, and prepare him for his path.
In this adventure we meet Luke Skywalker, this is his hero’s journey. Luke lives in the Tatooine planet. This is his ordinary world. Luke was raised by his uncle Owen. Very common in mythology a parent or parents are missing. He is an ordinary teenager who works in a water farm in this dessert planet. We can tell Luke is young by the way he acts. We see him kick the sand, argue and complain to his uncles just like a teenager. Luke hates his ordinary world and wants to become a pilot and leave for the academy with the rest of his friends. But his family needs him to stay, and
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It is what the person went on the journey to get” (The 17 Stages Chart). Is when the goal and the hero’s purpose has been achieved. Once they carry out the princess rescue, Luke alongside the Rebel base start planning the attack on Death Start. Luke is fighting as a pilot now, and is ready to sacrifice his life. He is assuming a new role leaving his youthful identity behind. Luke fires the torpedoes and destroys the death start. He has learned to trust himself and the power of the force within. He returns with the ultimate boon and is awarded by princess Leia with the medal of bravery. This moment is the end of the adventure but the beginning of the next

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