Star Cinema Grill Advantages And Disadvantages

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Star Cinema Grill is a movie theater and restaurant that has become very popular. While watching a movie, a person can order an entire meal and enjoy the meal during the movie. They have a large range of foods from burgers to spaghetti. It also has has a full bar and lobby for those who show up a little early for their movie. Is a combination restaurant and movie theater a positive alternative to dining out followed by a movie separately? The seats at Star Cinema Grill are wider and much more comfortable than the average movie theater chair. They are standard seats at this theater, but similar seats at other theaters can cost as much as thirteen dollars. Even at higher prices, premium seats at other theaters are not as wide or plush …show more content…
The food is restaurant quality, the accommodations are extremely comfortable, and the prices are average, or in some cases, cheaper than other theaters and restaurants. However, there are a few drawbacks to attending Star Cinema Grill, rather than regular movie theaters. All children under twenty-one years of age must be seated with an adult, because alcohol is served on the premises. This rule can be a problem for teenagers, who want to attend a movie independently of an adult. It is not be an option for teens wanting to enjoy a date, or a group of teens wanting to hang out together. Theaters are often gathering places for teens and preteens, and parents often enjoy the freedom of dropping their children off while they do other things. This is not an option at Star Cinema Grill. The ticket purchasing procedure can be a problem, as well. While it offers a convenient online option to purchase tickets, where the moviegoer can even choose seats, problems can arise if someone wants to buy tickets at the door. It can be difficult to find seats together if patrons plan to attend a popular new release movie, or plan to go during a popular time of day or day of week. Getting to a movie early at Star Cinema Grill, does not guarantee that there will be seats together for friends or dates. Traditional theaters only offer a first come, first serve option for seats whether purchased online or at the door. Therefore, patrons who want to sit together can arrive early at traditional theaters, and secure seats next to one

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