Calabar And Grill Case Study

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Great food and good vibes bring happiness. The Calabar and Grill of Decatur, Ga, established by Kerry Ann and head chef Shauna Wright, brings a new experience to Decatur through urbanized Caribbean cuisine and live entertainment. The diverse and reoccurring events, cultured atmosphere and relationships between the employees and customers has kept the Calabar and Grill alive and continuously growing for five years.

During the first two years of being open, the restaurant was just a place to dine with occasional happy hours. Customer service and perfecting the craft of the products was a major focus upon opening. Over the years many weekly events have been incorporated into the week. Outings such as poker nights, live bands, and having a Disk Jockey are things that attract all types of people into my community. While in the restaurant I overheard a conversation between an older couple and my mother; they explained to her how they
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While these events bring in more clientele, they also create friendships and bring the community outside of the restaurant together. The

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