Stand Out Monologue

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Stand Out!

Hi, you just started reading and I’m going to tell you that this is not like every other bully story. Well ,it starts like every day: I put my colorful socks, my polka dot dress, and my mom yells my name, “Carline get down here!” I rush out the door to get to the bus stop. My friend Maya was waiting for me impatiently, but of course, Guess who is also there? Cassie, the sassiest of all the girls in my 6th grade classes. She always has the biggest gang around her. Cassie always ruins my day by making fun of me or making me look bad.

People think I have disease like if I have every illness known to man. Like today, Cassie thought that I could not hear her when she was gossiping
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instead she created her story : Hi I'm Cassie and I've done some horrible things to a girl that you may all know who created this website the first thing I'd like to say sorry. That's something I never thought I would say. I started bullying because my three older brothers at home pick on me they think it's funny but I really take personally and I try to be strong about it but then me being strong led to anger building up inside of me so I picked on that one girl. The easiest target in my whole school because she was different because of her rashes. I created a horrible website. It was not only this website made me think about that I should tell my story and then I should stop bullying but it was her who made me change my mind about bullying I saw what she said in her story and what she said about me bullying her and I decided that today that I would stop and tell my story but then today I bullied her again but I'm trying to be friends so Caroline if you like to be friends we can. Just meet me at school. After I read this my mouth dropped open she thinks after all she done to hurt me I'm just going to become friends with her just like that. I didn't know what to say to her. So I responded in the comment section :Why should I trust you you broke my heart and I'm sorry for what's going on at home with your brothers but you had a bully me that was your first

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