Essay on Stand Off By Andrew Smith

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The book Stand Off, by Andrew Smith, is a sequel to his other book, Winger. Winger was about a 14 year old junior named Ryan Dean west who ends up roommates with the biggest jerk on the Rugby team in a dorm for troublemakers. The second book starts in the senior year of the main character Ryan Dean West. All Ryan wanted was to relax in his last year at a private Pine Mountain, but instead, he is haunted by his past. His coach expects him to take his dead friend’s positions on the rugby team as the “Stand Off”, and somehow he gets roomed with a twelve year old named Sam Abernathy, Sam’s a cooking whiz with extreme claustrophobia. Things get worse when Ryan starts to draw N.A.T.E (The Next, Accidental, Terrible, experience), which means he can 't even draw for fun anymore. He focuses on the pain of his past and the possible horrors of his future rather than actually get help. Throughout this book, the author effectively shows how a teenager would handle the death of a good friend and relationships in high school.

Ryan Dean dealt with many characters in this book, but his roommate Sam Abernathy was the one person that Ryan Dean had a dysfunctional relationship. In the beginning, Ryan hated Sam. In fact, he almost couldn 't stand being in the same room. He thought “ Well, it 's my senior year. I don 't want a little-kid roommate. I want to have fun.”(25) Ryan wanted nothing to do with Sam because he just wanted to have fun in his last year just like real seniors do.…

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