Spying Is Not An Invasion Of Privacy Persuasive Essay

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Americans are not entitled to privacy. The topic of privacy has been a widely discussed topic for centuries in the United States. The one that argues that government surveillance is unconstitutional has not fully read and analyzed the document in its entirety. The word privacy is not written once throughout the entire constitution. America is known as the “free world” and without the government’s use of its resources to protect the free world, the average American will no longer be able to sing the lyrics “and the land of the free…” in the national anthem. To have freedom one must have power. Surveillance gives the government power to protect the country from foreign and domestic attacks. Government surveillance is a constitutional strategy that is necessary to protect the citizens of America. Spying is not an invasion of privacy, the government’s surveillance efforts are used as a method of protection. America’s founding fathers argued the natural rights that every human being were entitled to at birth. Both John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, the founders of the “liberal” political philosophy, believed that humans are held to follow a moral law. Hobbes believed that people acted with the incentive of doing as he or she wishes. Hobbes believed that people were acting based …show more content…
With the Paris attacks fresh on the mind of individuals across the world, the government is one the verge of creating more government surveillance to protect the U.S. from the same incident to happen on American soil. In a recent article written by The Washington Post, “Press to expand government surveillance,” the world has discovered the push for an increase in government surveillance (2015). People fail to realize that surveillance does not always mean wire taping and watching every American under a

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