Essay on Sports : Sports And Sports

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There is one thing that every sport has in common, a ball. You are required to carry a ball, throw ball, hit a ball, pass a ball, and anything else that your body can do to put a ball in motion. Even though every sport has a ball many sports differ in various ways. Football and basketball differ in ways like: there fitness level, scholarship opportunities, and the equipment they must have to play the sport.. If someone wants to play a sport they must be in good shape but there are different types of shapes that you are required to be in if you want to be successful in an individual sport.
Different sports require different fitness levels. If someone is going to dedicate themselves to football they must be strong, fast and quick. In football there is a lot of contact that requires you to be able to hold your ground, hold someone off on offense, and have a strong enough arm to throw a football long distances Someone should be fast for long distance running if they are on defense and someone on offense has broken free from the defense intending on scoring a touchdown they will need speed to catch there offender before they reach the end zone, or if you are the player that has broke free from the defense you will need speed to score a touchdown. It is necessary to be quick while playing the sport to you can move around people, and get the ball out of your hands in a reasonable amount of time if you are the quarterback. If someone has dedicated themselves to basketball they must…

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