Sports Organizations Regulate Off The Field Activity Essay

1811 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 8 Pages
In the United States, sports teams are valued, coveted, and critiqued even more than that of the nation election; this progression of how important sports became to society lead to athletes’ lives becoming more and more involved in the media spotlight. The Private lives of athletes have become public. The Image of sports organizations, such as the NFL, have become more publicly attached to the image of athletes, which is why many sports organizations regulate off the field activity. For example, in 2014 Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson was arrested and charged with child abuse, the discipline method Adrian Peterson (Winters, pg. 16) used on his was in question, and the NFL decided that it would ban Adrian Peterson from playing in the NFL for a full season. This is one of many examples of a sports organization becoming involved in the personal lives due to the repercussions it has on the image of the organization; this is also why so many organizations are becoming involved in the personal lives of athletes. A player’s life reflects the image of a sports organization in the same way a spokesperson effects the image of a brand. As the media becomes more involved in professional sports, the private lives of athletes become more and more in the eye of the public. As the publicity increases so does the image’s relationship to the organization the athlete represents, and with these attachments come opinions, whether good or bad, about the organization the player…

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