Sports Betting Before Regulation Article Essay example

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Sport Betting
Daniel Fernandez
Texas A & M University – Kingsville

EDKN 3355
Dr. Daniel J. Burt
Table of Contents
Introduction Page 3
Sports Betting before Regulation Page 4
Early Problems with the NCAA on Television Page 5
The True Value of Television Page 7
The Longhorn Network Page 8
State of the NCAA Page 9
Summary Page 10
Future Ramifications Page 11
References Page 13

One can say gambling was a staple in United States early history especially in the expansion of the west. As our country grew and professional sports began to form Sports betting grew right along with them. In early days when professional sports were not a huge money maker the owners and league officials and owners did not like gambling in fear of others viewing their game as corrupt. The effects of gambling and betting on sports has affected every major sports organization from the National Football League to professional golf leading each organization place rules on their books to regulate or ban betting on its employees as well as lobby for legislation from our national government to place laws against sport betting. As a result the United States has several laws stating when and where sports gambling is legal and illegal. As well as individual state laws that govern gambling and sports gambling.
Gambling in the United States brought in over seventy one billion dollars’ worth or revenue in 2015. In Nevada for the 2015 Super Bowl had over…

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