Sports, Basketball, Baseball, And Baseball Essay

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There are many sport of there that don’t get the recognition that they deserve and one of them is badminton. Dominate sports in the United States are football, basketball, baseball, and even soccer. In the process of learning the way the sport works I interview with an athlete that has participated in events pertaining to the sport. The interviewee’s name is Danny Nguyen and badminton has been part of his life very early on due to a connect that the sport has with tennis.
Danny Nguyen started to play the sport when he was a young child and his instructor was his neighbor. At the start the sport was more for fun and with the progression of time he began to be more competitive and looked to challenge his skills. He participated in competitions, but they ranked more in lower divisions since it was more of a club sport. The major reason that Danny got introduced to the sport as a kid was because growing up both his parent worked so he stayed with the neighbor who took care of him while his parents were at work. Badminton overall is a relatively easy sport to learn since the sport requires two individuals, two rackets, and the shuttlecock. A contributing factor to Danny playing badminton was that the sport is similar to tennis, so it’s an alternative to the sport when he gets bored, but wanted in shape for tennis.
Even though the sport was appealing to Danny there were certain aspects of the sport that he disliked. The shuttlecock is one, since it was such a small item it tends…

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